April 19 – April 30, 2010 Asia (Philippines)

Also, I heard the voice of the Lord, saying: “Whom shall I send, And who will go for Us?” Then I said, “Here am I! Send me.” Isa 6:8
Our second Global Missions project trip is to Samar Philippines, Asia April 19 thru May 1, 2010 with an eye toward the remainder of the globe.
Your spiritual support is needed as we all move forward under God direction in Conquering darkness with the glorious light of the gospel of Jesus Christ in our community and globally.
Typical Missionary Day:
7:00 AM Team Devotion
8:00 AM Breakfast
9:00 AM Visit Prisons, orphanages, City Government
NOON Lunch
2:00 PM Engage people in the market place where Crusade Rally is held
4:00P M Bible Study in Crusade Rally area
6:00 PM Evening Crusade Rally
9:00 PM Travel back to lodging
9:30 PM Dinner
10:00 PM Lights out
Please continue to pray regularly for our mission assignment and travels.
Pastor McGensy
As of right now, there are a total of 8 teams that have held crusades on the island of Samar. These are the results of each crusade thru June 2010.
1. Wright’s team: 10,890 in the crowd; 10,359 answered the call for salvation; 3,857 prayed for healing, 86 scheduled Bible Study follow up.
2. Marcy’s team: 8,075 in the crowd; 6,050 answered the call for salvation, 4,304 prayed for healing, 63 Bible Study formed, 3 new churches were established.
3. Pam’s team: 3,598 in the crowd; 3,386 received salvation; 595 prayed for healing; 10 Bible Studies formed; 2 new churches were established.
4. Reeves’ team: 5,896 in the crowd; 4,727 received salvation; 2,900 prayed for healing; 53 bible Studies formed; 2 new churches established.
5. Hackman’s team: 5,995 in crowd; 5,248 received salvation; 3,219 prayed for healing; 72 Bible Studies; 1 new church established.
6. Burton’s team: 5,573 in the crowd; 4,760 received salvation; 2,941 prayed for healing; 58 Bible Study follow-up; 1 new church established.
7. Gunzolus’ team: 7,035 in the crowd; 5,701 received salvation; 3,851 prayed for healing; 51 Bible Study follow, 3 new churches established.
8. Kinabrew’s team: Crowd of 14,177; 12,446 received salvation; 8,147 prayed for healing; 169 Bible Study follow-up; 1 new church established (the numbers are expected to grow with 2 additional crusades not yet included)
All the glory and honor belongs to the Lord.
Please continue to pray for the above and additional teams that are coming this year.
Asia Missionary Team De-briefing Meeting May 5, 2010
Pastor McGensy was surprised and overwhelmed by the send off the Asia Missionary Team received at the airport on April 19th. Members of the Deacon Board, the Missions Ministry, the Teams spouses and several others gathered to pray with them prior to boarding a flight for the first leg in the journey to the Philippines.
The overall Asia Missionary Crusade Team was led by Pastor Ray form Bethel Christian Center and consisted of many others in addition to our Team members. The trip was an overall success according by several factors: the team members were faithful to answering the call, all returned safely and everyone saw personal and spiritual growth thru the trip experience. This Asia Missionary Team was a true blessing, always encouraging one another.
The trip was designed to go where evangelists don’t usually go. Most typically go to Manila. This team went directly into villages where crusades were held. They also visited hospitals praying for those that would accept prayer and government offices where they prayed for the Philippine government.
The crusades went on well into the evening, 8:30 or 9:00 pm and with follow-up occurring the next day to ensure that all had explanations of what they were witnessing and experiencing. Bibles were distributed and many Bible studies began.
The statistics that Pastor received were as follows:
• 5995 people attended the crusades from various villages
• 3219 people were prayed for individually, with several reporting being healed from various ailments as a result of the prayers
• 5248 received Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior
• 72 Bible Studies were formed (the hope was that eventually these Bible Studies would grow into churches. One particular group chose to immediately start a church!
Anthony Brown confessed that prior to the trip, he was a bit unaware of the lifestyle that existed in the area they visited. He was quite taken back by some of the conditions he witnessed upon arrival in some of the villages. It wasn’t until after a couple days he was able to really see the people and their satisfaction in their lifestyle that he too was able to stop focusing on the negative circumstances. He struggled with not giving all he had to everyone he met. For Anthony, this trip was truly a life changing experience. Being on the shy side, he relied heavily on the Holy Spirit and prayer to get him through the new experiences of speaking in front of large crowds and sharing his testimony. He thanks God for the people in the crusade, who were wonderful, as well as Pastor McGensy and Bro. Keys, his fellow Team members. He added that he was very impressed with the younger members of the Crusade Team (22 – 32yrs) who were completely committed to the Lord. For them, God is first and if they have additional time left over, then they are just like all other young people with activities such as surfing the net. He was inspired to look within and evaluate his own commitment to the Lord. For Brother Anthony, this mission trip was truly just as much about revealing things of God and himself as it was about teaching others!
Thomas Keys completely agrees with Anthony. He too found it extremely easy to be part of the crusade team because of their faithful dedication to the Lord. Bro. Keys felt that the Lord was leading him to focus on prayer during the crusades. He was somewhat humbled by the simply prayer needs of the people, many of which were for families and a great number were for certain simple physical ailments (ailments that we typically have medication for on hand like pain and body aches). Deacon Keys also discovered a new found respect for adhering to the structure of the Four Spiritual Laws in leading someone to salvation, rather than relying on an individuals understanding of accepting Christ. There’s a big difference in someone knowing of Jesus Christ and knowing Him as you personal Lord and Savior. It was on this trip that he identified the need for things in him to decrease so that the God in him could increase!
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Pastors Diary entry Thursday April 22, 2010
Your Wednesday, our Thursday, started out with 45 – 60 minutes of fellowship, singing song of praise, reading scripture, someone brought a lesson and testimonies of what occurred the night before. After communion (we have communion every morning after devotion) we had breakfast. Around 9:30 AM we went back to the site of the of the crusade the night before and had a follow up meeting with some of those that accepted Chris last evening.
We had Bible study. A section was set apart just for the children. Anthony accompanied the group that taught the children. He prayed with the children, sang songs and had a Bible lesson with them. Out of the adult group came 8 homes that made a commitment to continue Bible study. Those will hopefully, grow turn into churches. It is phenomenal to see how God works in many different ways and approaches to accomplish His overall goals. I have really been humbled by this process, in just seeing the different methods of how the Holy Spirit works in the lives different people.
After the Bible study, we came back to the compound for a little while. Later that afternoon we went out and met the mayor of this particular town. And then we were able to go into the town were the crusade would have been last night. That mayor was not there but his head Administrator was there. We had a chance to talk and pray with her We prayed for the town. We left there and went to the crusade site. The road into the crusade site reminded me of when we were in Africa in the Bush country. The site was up on a hill but there’s a lot of vegetation which you may call “bush”, with a gravel road that had been recently repaired but still had a lot of sharp rocks. In the end it all worked out extremely well. We went back into the woods and went from house to house passing out flyers inviting them to the crusade tonight. It was amazing how warm and inviting the people were. The report that I got later was that just about everyone in the village came out to the crusade that night and the majority of them gave their lives to Christ that night! It was phenomenal just watching the Spirit of God move in their hearts. We also got reports that they have never had a crusade like that. There was a lot of hesitation to close at first simply because they didn’t know how to respond. We had expectations obviously, of how we wanted them to respond but they had no knowledge of that. But it was over a course of time thru the singing songs of praise, various skits and drama, a greeting that they eventually came forth. Anthony did his first greeting, and did an outstanding job. The interpreter was new to the process and kind of frustrated a little but not Anthony. He did a great job.
After the invitation call, Thomas Keys went up and shared the next four steps that need to take place after giving your hearts to Christ:
  • Prayer and why its so important
  • Getting to a Bible study and why that is important
  • Fellowship. Fellowshipping with others that experienced what they just experienced
  • And finally going out and sharing it with other people
He did an excellent job with that. We did get a photo of that particular event with Brother Keys.
After that we did more interaction and passing out brochure. I opened the Preparing the heart session. They had lines for people who were sick, were in pain; we had special prayer lines for people to come in, about 15 – 20 people per line.
All of the missionaries, from America and there were some from Europe as well, we all lined up with an interpreter and prayed for the various prayer lines. There have been reported healings that has taken place and we’re so moved by that especially for these people for whom there is no Kaiser, St. Agnes, Clovis or Fresno Community Hospital to go to. There is no Medical Center in this particular village.
We are again at the rally site this morning and we will have Bible study there as well.
God Bless you. Continue to pray for us.
Pastor McGensy

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