Spiritual growth and connection don’t just “happen.” Just as we can improve our physical health by adopting healthy activities (a better diet, more exercise, etc.), we can improve our spiritual health by adopting healthy activities. These activities include prayer, exploring the Bible, spending time in fellowship and serving our community together.
Family Community Church believes these are crucial to your spiritual health and we have a number of opportunities for you to get connected. Romans 12:1-2
Children’s Ministry
Awana reaches kids for Christ through fun,Scripture-rich experiences that lead them to know, love and serve Him.
Service Ministries
The Communion Ministry serves the body of Christ through the preparation of the elements of communion
Service Ministry
The Transportation Ministry assists individuals by getting them to worship service on Sunday Mornings.
Service Ministries
The Security Ministry is responsible for the security of the entire campus of the Family as well as the safety of leadership and church members.