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Volunteer Form Statement


Thank you for expressing an interest in joining Family Community Church’s ministry team. We hope you agree that you have a great contribution to make to our church family and that you will find your volunteer service at Family Community a rewarding experience.


We look forward to the opportunity of working together to create a more successful Christian environment. We also want you to feel that your volunteer service at Family Community will be a mutually beneficial and gratifying one.


Family Community Church is all about carrying out the mandate of Matt. 28:18-20 and equipping people for service in the Kingdom of God. We believe that this opportunity to serve God’s people is a sacred call that comes with immense responsibility and accountability.


Accordingly, we have found it necessary and helpful to highlight and express some of our faith and life-style values, prior to you participating on a ministry team. The attached form outlines these highlighted value expectations for all ministry team workers. For a more complete expression of our faith and life-style values please refer to our Church Constitution, Church Covenant, our This We Believe, Vision and Mission statements.


Please review and complete the entire form. If you have questions, please notify the Director of the Ministry or the Executive Director of Ministries. Your signature in good faith on this form confirms that you have read as well as understand our value expectations and you agree to abide with its content. ( If after prayerfully consideration, you find yourself unable to complete this form in good faith, we will respectfully accept your decision not to participate on a ministry team at this time. However, if your position changes in the future, we are willing to reconsider your interest at that time). If you have been serving in a ministry prior to August 2004, or previously submitted a complete and approved form, this form is not required. However, compliance with our faith and life-style values are required.


You have joined a ministry team that has established an outstanding reputation for high Christian values and quality of service. We hope you, too, will find satisfaction and take pride in your service here.


We, the entire leadership team, extend to you our personal best wishes for your fulfillment, success and happiness as part of the Family Community Church’s Ministry Team.

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