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Russia Day Three

Day Three


On Sunday morning we spent all morning and afternoon at church service. The sermon message was well received by the local people. The Russian English speaking missionaries were blessed to hear an American preach in their native language. They were so appreciative of the fact that we came. It is now clear that the Lord also wanted to use this mission assignment to be an encouragement to those that are here full-time on the mission field.


After the worship service, we broke bread together at the church and fellowshipped for several hours.


Sunday evening the teenagers from the school project  wanted us to come back. We went back to the playground and played softball with them. Thomas Keys and Anthony Brown were pretty good ball players, although a little slow around the bases compared to the teenagers. I took the pictures (smile).


The weather took a turn for the worst this evening. It drop to about 15 degrees and started to rain. The game was called off. David invited several of the teenagers back to the house for dinner, where we were able to witness to them and share life experiences. Some left because they did not want to talk about Christ. However a number of them stayed.


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