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Russia Day Four

Day Four


On Monday we traveled to the city of Lipetsk which has a population of 500,000. We visited a Christian rehab center out in the forest area for people struggling with drugs and alcohol problems. We took a tour of the 3 area grounds and 3-story facility.   


We were able to witness to one of the classrooms of men in the rehab center. We shared experiences and personal testimonies. When they heard Anthony and Thomas testimonies it open them up to share even deeper where they were really hurting. They shared their past pain and guilt that they have been carrying with them for years and how they lost their wives and families because of it.


We then taught a lesson on Demonic influence in our lives and how it impacts our behaviors which lead one of the men to ask,  " How does one repent?" So we asked if everyone has already accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior and if they understood what that meant. Several stated that they did not understand. So we walked them through the Romans Road of Salvation, and then asked if any of them were ready to ask Jesus to save their soul. One of the men jumped up from the table before I could complete my final words and came to my side of the table and fell on his knees and started confessing his sins before the Lord. We prayed with him and encouraged him to follow through with baptism and discipleship training.  


After a long day, we then traveled back to Tambov and met with some foreign exchange students. 


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