Pastor’s Compensation

Senior Pastor Compensation
Family Community Church’s trustee board is charge with the responsibility of Human Resources for our church. This includes determining, setting and correcting compensation for various staff positions. Due to current State & Federal Employment and Privacy laws we have been advised by our legal counsel not to publicly publish staff and employee’s compensation information. Staff employees’ compensation is determined by several methods, including but not limited to, prayer, using a national data analysis report provided by Church Law & Tax Report, Compensation Handbook for Church Staff, and assessing past performance and using Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA). The Senior Pastor Compensation Package receives the same considerations as all staff. However, in the past we also had the senior pastor’s compensation package reviewed by two reputable independent organizations, one local Human Resource firm, and the California Southern Baptist Convention. We believe this process insures greater fairness and fiscal responsibility as well as accountability and removes politics from the process.